Malen Reyes Couture a local business providing high end couture fashion. We are proud hispanic women mother & daughter team who enjoy and have the privilege of working side by side. Dedicated to making every piece unique. The daughter has the modern view and as the mother with 30yrs exp has a timeless style in which they create garments with a unique twist combining each others views. Believing that only together is what gives the garments a unique touch! The business is focused on providing high end-quality service and customer satisfaction!
 Line is based on variety creating timeless, modern, high end, casual, elegant evening, bridal, special occasion .Malen Reyes Couture is considered versatile in the fashion industry!
Photography: Black Box Impressions 
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Feb 24 ,2013 Runway For Life Fashion Show Hosted By Malen Reyes Couture and The Battered Women and Children Shelter
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